Bespoke themes to suit your visual narrative needs.

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Founded by accomplished music composer, producer and song writer Imran Hanif - Imran Music provides high quality bespoke themes and access to an extensive music catalogue of over 650,000 tracks. has gratified numerous global brands and feature film productions with musical themes that are recognised globally by their distinct memorable signature melodies and production values.

Aligned with Directors and Creatives, we work closely to deliver a suitably inspirational direction for music and sound that will compliment and enhance your visual.


Unlike most of our peers whom you might be familiar with, all of our musical ingredients are sound and ethically sourced from a wealth of organic sustainable creative thought. We seek to ensure a fair trade rewarding our team of composers, producers and creators with what is rightful.
Mission Statement:

Apart from the obvious: reducing world poverty, increasing the peace and saving squeaky dolphins from predatory trawlers, we will continue to provide a unique service. Music and sound is our love and that's why our clients choose Imran Music.
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